Today’s Journal & Rebounding :)

Today’s post is about rebounding, along with my daily food log (sorry if the food logs bore you, but I need to post ’em for me!)  Rebounding is a lot of fun & if you haven’t tried it, you should!  🙂

What I Ate Today: 

*lemon water upon rising

Breakfast:  Steel cut oats + 1 apple, chopped + coconut milk (unsweetened) + water

Snack:  A Nut-rition packet of mixed nuts + 1/2 banana + water

(I love the Nut-rition packets.  They’re portion-sized mixed nuts that you can pop in your bag.  Pair it up with a piece of fruit for a perfectly balanced snack.  This kept me full all morning until lunchtime!)  🙂

Lunch:  Turkey wrap with lots of veggies + Greek Yogurt dressing (1 Tbsp.) + 1 serving of kettle chips + 2 bottles of water

Snack:  2 graham crackers + 1 Tbsp peanut butter + 1 Tbsp of strawberry spreadable fruit + water

Dinner:  1 cup of vegetable beef soup  (left over from yesterday)  + 2 bottles water

My Workout: 

Nothing today.  Boo.  My little boy is feeling yucky & running a fever, so I didn’t get to the gym.  I did get in about 20 min. of stretching & 15 min. on my mini-trampoline/rebounder.

Have you ever tried a rebounder/mini-trampoline?  It is supposed to be excellent for reducing cellulite & getting your circulation going.  The bouncing is also excellent cardio.  I read an article that said if you bounce at least 2x/week for 15 minutes at a time it can greatly reduce the cellulite in your thighs.

Can’t hurt, right?  I’m all about less thigh jiggle when you wiggle.   🙂

YouTube has a great video about rebounding from TheBeautyPlan.  Click here to view it.  YouTube also has free rebounding workout videos for beginners.  Try looking up some of the “Bellicon” ones, they’re pretty good.

I received a rebounder for Christmas from my parents & I love it.  The one I have is from Dick’s Sporting Goods.  It is an “Oval Jogger”.   Click here to see it.  (I also posted a picture of it below).


They also sell rebounders/mini-trampolines at Walmart for around $40.   I really love the support bar on mine.  It’s great if you have coordination issues like myself.  It also has resistance bands & a timer.  It’s a fun workout, but it is definitely a workout!  After 15-20 minutes, I’m breathing very, very hard.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone.  🙂


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