Awesome Goals for 2014 :)

Every New Year’s Eve I take the time to write down my goals for the upcoming year.  Some of them I actually meet (like finding a great job that I love in 2013–yay for the library!) and some I don’t (like becoming a ninja assassin/spy or frolicking in a flower-filled meadow with cute grizzly bear cubs as their mother watches on lovingly).

My grizzly cub friends, Yogi and BooBoo

My grizzly cub friends, Yogi and BooBoo

Writing and journaling for me is cathartic.  It releases all of the jumbled mess of ideas that have taken hold of my brain.  I truly believe that what we send out into the Universe gets heard and, in turn, the Universe will respond.  If you want good things to happen to you, then send out good vibes.  If you send out negative vibes, well, don’t be shocked when negative people or occurrences begin happening to you.   What I suggest is that you get a notebook or pretty journal (Amazon has a ton of cute ones!) & start writing down your ideas, goals and life pursuits.  Can’t hurt, right?

Here is a rough list of some of my goals, in no particular order.  I would love to hear some of yours!  Please feel free to comment & post your goals/passions/pursuits below!  Have a very blessed and creative 2014!!!

Mrs. Edwards’ 2014 Goals & Beyond

1.  Lose weight, tone up & get in the best shape of my life this year.

2.  Work out at least 3 times per week–no excuses!  Add some weights to that & now we’re cookin’!

3.  Start paying down my student loans before my teenager starts college.

4.  Put money back for my trip to Ireland with my daughter in 2015.

5.  Get a vehicle that doesn’t scream “I think I can, I think I can” when I’m driving up the mountain.  Or have squeaky doors.  Or something that doesn’t scare me to death every time I get inside of it.

6.  Hike up to Clingman’s Dome in TN without having to stop off at the granny benches.  Or, hike up to the top and not have grannies pass me by with their judging looks of pity.

7.  Become a ninja spy assassin & travel to Monte Carlo in a cute pair of Prada heels.  Wear sunglasses at night so nobody suspects a thing.

8.  Learn to speak Italian & have tiramisu in Tuscany.

9.  Go to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and say to a complete stranger.  “I thought this tower was supposed to lean or something?  I’ve been robbed.”

10. Buy a new mattress set.  (Yes, boring, but my back is killing me!)  Take my 8 year old son with me, load him up with Mountain Dew and Pixie sticks & have him jump up and down on them in order to find the best one.

11. Find a great airbrush tanning place that makes me into a bronzed goddess, not a walking advertisement for Doritos.

12.  Get back into archaeology & dig something up.

13. Go to the beach this summer and look amazing.  🙂

14. Take humiliating photos of my cat, Max, in a bow tie and top hat to make him look jaunty.  Blow it up poster-size and put it in the litterbox room so the other cats can laugh at him.

15. Once I reach my goal weight, have a photographer take pictures of me wearing my new sundress & mail them out to all the mean people who have called me chubby over the past year.

16. Research grad schools and get my Master’s in Library Science.

17. Go to the nearby cabin in town where F. Scott Fitzgerald once stayed.  It’s less than a mile from my house.  I should go, shouldn’t I?

18. Go back to Sweden one day.  Have lunch with a Viking.  Does anybody have Alexander Skarsgard’s e-mail?

19. See the Northern Lights.

20. Swim with dolphins in the Bahamas.

21.  Visit Alaska & cruise the Inside Passage.

22.  Go to Hawaii and learn to hula.  Wear a grass skirt.  Learn something to say in Hawaiian besides Mele Kalikimaka.

23. Hike up to Machu Picchu with my husband.  Bring a camera & get my photo taken with a Llama, who I will name Jonesy.

24. Write a YA novel & find an agent who actually likes my writing.  Better yet, find a publisher who will actually publish my writing.

25.  Build a house in a mountain valley.  Add secret passageways and a rotating set of stairs that leads to a huge library with a fireplace.  Put in a big leather chair and pretend to drink scotch while reading Ernest Hemingway.  Get husband to take a photo of me doing this for my author photo.  Practice squinching now.

26.  Invent a new language with a friend and speak it in public.  Wear hats & big strings of pearls.  That way, everybody will think you’re classy and not crazy.

27. Start taking a daily passeggiata with my family each night.  Say, “Ciao!  Bellissima!” while passing people on the street & kiss them on both cheeks.

28. Start writing more letters and sending cards to my loved ones in Indiana.  Getting snail mail is way better than getting an e-mail.

29.  Zipline with my husband & take a video of it so that my kids can have a good laugh.

30.  Get a bow & arrow.  Hike to the Triple Falls in Brevard, NC where they filmed “The Hunger Games.”   Pose like Katniss & have my husband take my picture.  Post it on my teenage daughter’s FB page & embarrass her.

31.  Forgive those who have wronged me, move on and be happy.  🙂

I have many more goals, but this could go on ALL night, so I’ll stop here.  Thanks for reading!

Happy New Year!!!

~Mrs. E


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