La semaine du chocolat

I’ve named this week la semaine du chocolat.  This week has also shown me that I am imperfect and that everybody falls off the health wagon on occasion.  I am very disappointed and trying not to beat myself up about this.


le chocolat…mon dieu!

I tried very hard to stick to my diet and exercise routine, but found it incredibly difficult as my uterus was dead-set on trying to kill me this week.  I craved chocolate like nobody’s business.  Dove.  Godiva.  Ferrero Rocher.  My cravings our completely out of control.

Tonight, it was two delicious bombs of Ferrero Rocher followed by a glass of nearly frozen Moscato that the Hubster & I forgot we’d left in the freezer to chill.

So, tonight, I don’t want to give advice.  I want to receive advice.  How do you get control of your cravings & tell them to hit the road?

I’d appreciate any & all tips.

Bon week-end,

Mrs. E  xoxo


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