Weight Watchers, Weigh-In, Food Suggestions, Rewards, Best Husband Ever…

I love Weight Watchers!  I truly wish I’d tried this program years ago.  I am seeing results every week and have been sticking to the program.  I am not working out as much as I’d like (I twisted my ankle recently), but once I heal I plan to go back to my power walking/jogging routine.

So far, I’ve lost 10 lbs on Weight Watchers!  That’s a huge dent in the BIG number of pounds I want to lose.  I have 68 more lbs to go until I reach goal.  I am taking it 5 lbs at a time, as not to get discouraged.  I am so proud of myself & I’ve worked so hard to stick to my daily points.  I love how flexible this program is.

It also helps that I have support from my husband and children.  This past weekend, I woke up and Mr. E had found a website (SkinnyTaste) that offers lighter options for meals & also includes WW points.  He actually picked out lighter versions of food that I like, wrote down the points for me & created a grocery list so that we could shop for healthy groceries together.  Is he not the sweetest hubby ever?!?!  Did I mention that he’s an amazing cook?  He could open up his own restaurant if he wanted.  I am so blessed!

He made this wonderful Summer Pasta Salad with Baby Greens & tonight he’s making Chinese Five Spice Chicken & using chicken breasts instead of legs & a salad with vinaigrette on the side (rice for the kids).  I don’t feel like I’m on a diet at all.  And that is why it’s working.

I’d also like to talk about my favorite WW-friendly snacks that I’m currently digging:

Popcorn, Indiana FIT (butter flavor)- You can have up to 4 cups/serving of this stuff & it’s only 2 points!!!  (Or 1.5 cups = 1 pt)

Jell-O Mousse Temptations Dark Chocolate- 2 points

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches (vanilla)- 4 points

Baked versions of Chips (Doritos, Sun Chips, Cheetos)- Average between 3 & 4 points per bag

Special K Brownie Bites (Blondie)- 3 points

Nestle Fat Free Hot Cocoa- 1 point

Also, most veggies & fruits are FREE, so load up on them!  I put tons of romaine, cucumber & red onion on my sandwiches & it keeps me feeling full for hours.

Another trick I use is the “Two Breakfasts” thing to keep me fuller longer.  We live in the country, so my kids have to get up really early for their bus rides to school (5:45 AM) & I’m starving when I first wake up.  While I make their breakfast, I have an oatmeal (Better Oats Blueberry Muffin Oatmeal = 4 pts) around 6-7.  Then, I make a breakfast sandwich to take to work (Thomas Light English Muffin + 1 Sargento Ultra-Thin Cheddar Cheese slice + 2 slices of Canadian Bacon = 6 pts for entire sandwich) & have that on my break at work around 11 AM.  Lunch is usually leftovers & today I had Summer Pasta Salad with Baby Greens + 1 cup of strawberries for dessert.  Dinner is lean meat + veggies + fruit for dessert.

Water is tricky for me.  I try to drink as much as possible, but since I’m a librarian at a busy library & work at the circulation desk, I have to limit my fluids while working.  When I get home, I chug, chug, chug!  I try to get in 6-8 cups/day.

Don’t forget to REWARD yourself!  For me, I’m rewarding myself for every 5 lbs. I lose.  My first big reward was a Beauty Haul from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics!


I’ve always wanted to try the brand & I really like the products so far!  I ended up getting the Pretty Powerful Kit, Concealer, Lipstick in Pink Heather, Lip Gloss in Bellini & the Beach Body Oil.  (Mr. E loves the smell of the Beach body oil, BTW!)  So far, the concealer is the BEST I’ve tried so far.  It really covers up my dark circles.  The eyeshadow quad is really nice.  The espresso-colored eyeshadow is perfect to use on my brows too & matches my hair color.  I felt really pretty & pulled together.

Next reward for the most recent 5 lbs?  Getting my hair done & a new pair of glasses to complete my new Hot Librarian look!  🙂

Well, I think that’s all for today!  Please feel free to ask questions/make comments in the comment section & follow me on my “From Sweatpants to Sundresses” Facebook page!

~Mrs. E




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