Weigh-In Update/Tough Week/Book Recommendations

I wanted to take a few minutes and post an update.  Firstly, last week was tough!  Family came to visit and work was crazy busy.  I ended up overindulging a little bit.  I did continue to track my points during this time though.  It’s important to keep it honest!  Even if you go over your points, track it.  Don’t beat yourself up about it and get back to plan as soon as possible.

Secondly, I twisted my ankle and had to lay low for a few days, so I only got one workout in.  I’m all healed now though and back on track!  🙂

I am following Weight Watchers to track my nutrition.  I did buy the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan and I’d like to start eating cleaner, but I find that Weight Watchers works best for my lifestyle.  I have kids and a husband, a busy career, am involved in my church/community and I have to use what works & for me Weight Watchers truly works!  I am down 19 lbs. since March 14, 2014! My Mom started the online plan two weeks ago and it’s really great to be able to do this with each other, even though we live a few hours apart.

In regards to fitness, I’m following the Tone It Up plan.  I am doing their #100BySummer challenge, which is to walk/jog/run 100 miles by summer.  I am roughly 12.4 miles into my journey and am averaging 2 miles/day.  I’ve decided it is time to kick it up a notch.  As of this week, I’m aiming to do about 4-5 miles/day.  I am breaking it up.  I will do 2 miles in the morning for my #bootycall and about 2-3 miles in the evening to get the rest of my workout in.  (The Tone It Up girls call your morning workout a #bootycall.  I make sure to get mine in every day!)


My exercise plan goes something like this:


*Power walk/jog 2 miles in the morning for my A.M. #bootycall

*Power walk/jog 2-3 miles in the evening

*Strength train 2-3x/week with a rest day in between

Sunday:  Rest!!!


Now on to the book recommendations!  


I have been trying to revamp my wardrobe over the past few months.  Cleaning out my closet has become a cathartic event for me along my weight loss journey.  As I get rid of the bigger-sized clothing that no longer fits me, I look forward to buying new things to integrate into my wardrobe.  (And seeing the label sizes go DOWN has given me something to look forward to as well!)

I’ve noticed a few things as I’ve thrown out old clothing…I’ve been wearing all the wrong colors.  I have way too many pastels and those colors completely wash me out.  They just don’t look good on me, nor do they make me feel good about myself.  And that’s what this journey is all about–making yourself feel good about YOU. I also felt that a lot of others out there are probably doing the same thing that I have been doing and wearing the wrong colors.  Well, hopefully this post will help you out!  🙂

I started doing research on what colors I should be wearing to compliment my natural coloring.  About 25+ years ago, people used to have “Color Me Beautiful” draping parties.  An expert would be at the party with fabric sashes to drape against your face/neck to see what colors best suited your hair, eye and skin color in order to make your features pop.

I have dark ash brown hair, fair skin and dark brown eyes.  I learned that I am a Deep/Dark Winter and should be wearing cool colors and jewel tones.  This made sense to me.  Whenever I wear colors such as charcoal grey, burgundy/cranberry, royal blue, pine green and black, my features come alive.  I frequently get complimented when I wear these colors.  Why haven’t I been wearing them more often?

When I think of winter, I think of icy blues, deep midnight blues (like the night sky), black (like the trees without leaves in the wintertime), winter white (snow/frost) and bright red (like a cardinal in the snow).  Can you picture it?  Try to picture your own best colors/landscape and have fun with it.  🙂

Now, here’s the really fun part–do a Google search & find your own color season!  This site has a great article on how to find your own color season.  Once you find your color season, head to Pinterest and create a board.  Check other boards too.  That is how I found so many great ideas for my own board. You’ll find makeup suggestions, wardrobe suggestions, etc. so you can visualize what colors you should be wearing in order to bring out your best features.

I purchased the book “Color Me Beautiful” by JoAnne Richmond for my Nook over the weekend.  I started reading on Friday night an finished it on Sunday.  What a great resource!  The author gives great suggestions for all four color seasons and gives you a chart to bring with you while clothes shopping.  She also includes skin care and makeup tips.

Per a co-worker’s recommendation, I checked out the book “Color Me Confident” by Veronique Henderson at my library.   This is similar to the above mentioned book and is also another great resource.

It’s never too late to look great.  Don’t wait until you hit that big number on the scale–start now!  In the past, I never bought new clothes because I always thought, “I’ll just wear what I have and buy cute/new/better looking clothes once I reach my goal weight.”  I think that dressing better along the way can make the journey a lot less stressful and it gives you something to look forward to.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money.  Buy basics–solid color shirts/blouses, jeans/pants (all in your color season) and change it up with scarves.  (Scarves and statement necklaces are my secret weapons!)  You can pick up basics everywhere from Target to Coldwater Creek or even at a thrift shop!

If you would like for me to write a post regarding all of the different color seasons, let me know on my Facebook page.  If enough people request it, I’ll do some research and make suggestions for each color season.  🙂

Well, I think that’s all that I have for now.  Have a great day!




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