8/17/14 Food Journal

Today I feel TIRED. I know it’s because I’m consuming less calories, but I am tired and crabby. My poor husband. I watched the TSFL video for day #2 and the person on the video said that my energy level would be better in a few days. I really hope he is right!!! That being said, I’m glad I started on a weekend so that I could get some rest.

I am prepared for work tomorrow and am packing my snacks ahead of time so that I won’t be tempted to eat whatever sugar-filled yumminess the girls bring into the office!

Food Journal for 8/17/14:

Breakfast: MF Cereal Crunch + 1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk
Snack: MF Peanut Butter Crunch Bar
Lunch: MF mashed potatoes + 1 cup salad greens + 2 Tbsp Opa Greek Ranch dressing
Snack: MF Cookie Dough Bar
Dinner: 4 oz. baked chicken with garlic & herbs + 1 cup collard greens
Snack: MF Vanilla shake made with 8 oz. unsweetened almond milk & a bit of cinnamon

That’s it for today!


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