8/24/14 Food Journal

I did well this weekend!  I’m still sticking to it!


8/24/14 Food Journal:

Breakfast:  MF chocolate shake made with unsweetened coconut milk  (I liked the added coconut flavor–yum!)

Snack:  MF chocolate brownie bake + 2 T. sugar-free cool whip

Lunch:  MF chicken rice soup + 1 cup salad greens + 2 T. Italian dressing  (The soup was okay, but the rice was a bit crunchy.  Any MF’ers out there who have any tips re: doctoring up the soup???)

Snack:  MF strawberry shake + unsweetened almond milk

Dinner:  1 bison burger patty wrapped in 2 lettuce leaves, chopped onion, 2 slices of tomato + 1 cup of green beans + side salad with 2 T. Italian dressing

Snack:  MF chocolate shake + unsweetened coconut milk


I stuck to plan all weekend & it was HARD because my husband bought cookies at the store.  They were hard to resist, but I did it & am glad that I did.  🙂

This week has its own challenges.  My kids go back to school (thus begins practices, games, field trips, PTA meetings, etc.)  & my new boss (whom I’ve not met) begins tomorrow.  I can already feel the stress building up.   I do have a journal, so I’m hoping that will help get me through it all.


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